Dental IT Service

Tailored IT solutions for dental clinics, including secure patient data management, appointment scheduling, digital imaging systems, and compliance with industry regulations.

Network Security

EG Comm is designed to protect your company’s internal infrastructures and connected devices from unauthorized access and potential attacks. We offer comprehensive network assessment architecture to evaluate the internet security and connection. We monitor all the access points, evaluate overall risk, and provide tailor-made solutions for your business. 

Backup & Disaster recovery

Providing a fully managed solution that is specifically designed for your business protection. We will assist all types of businesses to run business operations seamlessly, enabling them to prevent data loss with all possible measures. EG Comm performs thorough backups and establishes a strong safeguard process to prevent loss and recover the data. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions are backed by professional IT experts who can pull any file, application, information, or data you may need, right away.

Cloud Solution

EG Comm is the cloud expert which provides the finest solution to all types of businesses for navigating all cloud options. We are available to meet any IT needs including day-to-day management, limit and scalability, and other common cloud-based complexities. Get a comparative advantage and transform your business into a cloud-based computing system, prevent loss, and accelerate your business effectiveness.

Business Phone system (VoIP)

Business phone systems (VoIP) are rapidly becoming more effective for small-medium enterprises and large businesses. Choosing the best VoIP for small-medium enterprises can go a long way to making your business more competitive. EG Comm uses the latest technology to provide you with a robust solution that not only addresses your business problems effectively but also provide an easy and effective choice for the modern workplace environment. Get an affordable business phone VoIP system solution and connect multiple offices with one phone.

HIPAA Compliance

The dental office must follow HIPAA rules like having policies and procedures in place for accessing patient information, ensuring all data is secure, and maintaining a compliant communication system. We will ensure these policies are followed and that you keep patient data safe at all times.

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