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Frequently asked questions

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EG Comm offers all kinds of technology installation services including: Network infrastructure, security system, alarm, cctv, automatic door, cabling, and more! Please see our services for more details or give us a call to see if we can assist you with your project.

Yes, we have worked at homes, small businesses, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, offices, plazas, apartments, and much more. Our team of professionals can help you no matter the size of the project

Even though we have grown a lot as a company, we still remember our roots. We worked hard to grow our company along with the evolution of technology. We made it here by adapting and giving competitive prices to our clients while giving them top quality work. There is no plan to change now.

EG uses modern technology in the alarm, cctv, access control, and intercom industry to ensure your protection level is where it needs to be.

Yes. Quote is free and we will offer our excellent service to earn your trust and satisfaction. We handle all kinds of technology projects: tv installations, all types of cabling, server rack, automatic door, security, LED displays, and much more.

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