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EG Comm is a rapidly growing service centre located in the City of Concord, Ontario. Product sales are only a portion of our mission. Courteous, professional support is our main focus. We want you as the client to feel comfortable with any inquiry and feel confident that we can find the bed solution to your queries. “We wish to build a solid relationship to help you in any currentand future service requirements. We hope to be the ones that come to mind first when you think of quality ongoing service.

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As the years have gone on, technology is evolving at a high paced rate. Companies around the world are constantly working to develop and update our devices and infrastructures. EG Comm is a team of qualified professionals who are trained with up to date knowledge so we can help you with and technical challenge you may have. Whether it may be aid in Voice & Data, Phone, Security Camera, Door Access Control or Audio & Visual, our seasoned team will surely find a solution that will keep you satisfied. EG Comm is equipped with special diagnostic tools.EG Comm is always approachable and willing to answer your questions. We are your local service centre. Unlike many of our competitors, our goal is not to focus on sales but to aspire on giving the specialized service that our clients deserve.

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40 Adesso Drive,Concord, ONL4K 3C6
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