Residential or Commercial Alarm Systems

EG Comm can install your alarm system at your home or business starting at only $35/ month.

This will include your standard alarm system with motion detectors and sensors. It is hard to think about break-ins as it is such an unfathomable situation. However, it is also important to be ready for life emergencies. The peace of mind to feel safe in your home or while you work is priceless. However, EG Comm realizes that the economy is tough so we offer top-of-the-line alarm systems that are professionally monitored 24/7 at amazing rates. We pride ourselves in providing great service at the best rates. Guards are guaranteed to show up within 30 minutes of an incident with owner permission or discretion of the professionals if there is live camera footage to review. Emergency contacts and responders will also be contacted accordingly. Rest assured; our professionals will not dispatch for extra charges on false alarms!

For alarms that can be monitored through your mobile phone app with a smart panel and many extra features, our packages start at 45 a month. These features include flood and fire detection, controlling the arm through your phone (can arm the device on your phone if you forgot or are in a rush + check the status remotely. You could also disarm it for guests who may enter before you). Check out features of our smart alarm systems from here. For alarm projects combined with CCTV, access control and other network needs, please contact us for a free quote! This also goes for big commercial buildings with multiple entry points and extra sensors required. We will do a site assessment and there will be no charges until you agree to our proposal! We hope to hear from you soon. Contact Us

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