5 Reasons to Switch to Alarm.com

In the ever-growing digital world, we are constantly switching our phones, computers, TVs, and much more. While our personal gadgets are evolving so are other technologies around us; we may not even realize due to them being handled by tech installation experts. Security in our everyday life that we don’t notice but are doing an integral job include Servers and Cabling, CCTV, Access Control, Intercoms, Alarms, and much more.

Being safe and protected is such an important part of our life that we can easily take for granted. We are so willing to invest into personal gadgets for small upgrades in speed, camera for our entertainment and socials. What about the next step for our Security Systems?

EG Comm can help you switch to Alarm.com technology and get full access of their services and features. If you know nothing about security structure or have never heard of alarm.com, no need to worry! This is exactly what this article is for. By the end of this article, you will know the key important points so you no longer need to worry about lack of knowledge or your security/ protection after making the switch.

So many homes and office buildings are equipped with security cameras/ monitors, access controls, and alarms. But what are all these connected to? These devices are connected to an alarm/ security system with someone working in the background making sure you are protected. If you have an unwanted intruder, you want emergency services and yourself to be alerted as soon as possible. If there is a flood or gas leak, same thing applies. Alarm.com is the most reliable security system to protect your home, business, and your people 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year. 5 reasons for this include:

1.       Designed to be More Trustworthy and Do More than other Systems
Many alarm systems use the same phone/ cable line as the building. However, Alarm.com uses a dedicated connection that is the most secure option. This provides continuous and reliable service for the important transmissions that your system is sending out. If an intruder disconnects the phone/ cable (or it is tampered with accidentally), this will normally compromise the security system. However, with the dedicated cellular link, the alarm system will send a signal even if internet is down or there is a power outage.

Alarm.com system is not only more dependable but it does MORE than your average administrator. A regular security system just sends a signal when an event is triggered. However, Alarm.com systems can send a warning sound when cameras or an alarm sense an unwanted visitor. If there is a fire, then alarm.com can shut off the gas; they can also shut down the water for a flood.

2.       Partnered with the Most Trusted Professionals
Having your Security System connected to Alarm.com not only gets you access to their state of the art services and features, it also grants you access to their team of security professionals. EG Comm understands that each property, surrounding area, and contents of a building are very unique. This is why we offer tailored solutions for each building to ensure your property gets exactly what you need at a cost that fits your budget. Some factors we take into consideration when designing your unique security/ alarm system include:
-Budget: How much are you willing to invest in protection?
-Building Details: What are the regulations regarding alarm installation at your property? How to maximize coverage at the given cost.
-Crimes in the Area: What is the crime or natural disaster tendencies in the area? How can we use this information to design a more purposeful system.

Alarm.com allows us to take all these factors and meaningfully incorporate them when designing your security system.

3.       Smart Security System
In the modern world an advanced security system is a must. We spoke on what makes alarm.com a top choice but what exactly is it that they do? These are some basics necessities that EG Comm and alarm.com provides which allows for secure protection, meaningful insights, and smart automation.
-24/ 7 Video Surveillance: You can see what’s happening at your building any time. You will also be alerted on an app if a notable event happens live. Our support team will also be available 24/ 7 om case something happens
-Remote App: Your security/ alarm system can be monitored from wherever you are with the all-inclusive alarm.com app.
-Smart Cameras: Our cameras can move according to movement tracking. If something is detected, a warning noise could be triggered or you could be alerted to speak through the intercom depending on how you set your system
– Intrusion Prevention: Many preventative measures when an incident has happened has been mentioned in this article. However, most of the time you will find that just the presence of our cameras and stickers will stop any unwanted visitors in the first place.

4.       Temperature & Energy Management
One of the added benefits of alarm.com systems is that it adds the ability to manage your thermostat and energy use. This makes it easy to handle all in one place as you enter or leave your property. It is not mandatory to use this service if you already have a different system set up, but this is included in Alarm.com’s protection services. Hence, this can save you a lot of costs when installing by doing both at once in one monitoring system. This is a smart thermostat so you will be able to control it when you’re outside of the house in case you need to turn anything off/ on. It will also save costs from using a regular thermostat.

5.       Technology Solutions Evolve as the World Does
Alarm.com and EG Comm already have the newest technologies/ software in the security industry. However, we are always looking on ways to improve and do things better. EG comm uses alarm.com to seamlessly link all of your devices so they work together and are easy to manage. From the app, make any urgent changes while you’re out or on the go. Plus, you get full access to all the features including CCTV surveillance and alerts. Once everything is set up, the system is totally hands off unless specific changes are needed. Our automation reduces risk of human error and you can always feel totally safe, secure, and protected.


Reach out to us at EG Comm today to see how we can help you integrate alarm.com in your security system or if you have any questions.

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