Network Infra Structure

  • Voice & Data cabling  

EG Comm provides a reliable connection between your devices with a solid voice and data cabling solution. We enable a wide range range of businesses to get proper voice and data cabling solutions to improve your workplace engagement, efficiency, and effectiveness.  

Our years of experience in voice and data cabling for the client, allow us to assist you with reliable and fast communication speed. Whether it is in the building or campus, we are the perfect solution to increase seamless voice flow.  

  • Wi Fi Design & Installation 

Wi-Fi installation is complicated and successful installations don’t happen by chance. EG Comm is a widely recognized company that offers tailored solutions of Wi-Fi design and installation service for your business. Our in-house Wi-Fi engineering team will plan, design, and implement solutions to contribute to your business growth with no capital investment.  

Our engineers have decades of experience in designing, debugging, installing, and configuring a complex wireless network. Reach us out today and get the perfect solution within budget. 

  • Server Rack Installation 

We provide the finest server rack installation solution to optimize your network. Save your resources and setup your servers with professional teams. Our experienced teams will design the rack, mount your gear, wire rack, configure it, and power your equipment to install.  

Our end-to-end integration solution will assist your business with operational efficiency, organize agility, and minimize risk. Reach us out today and get stress-free server rack installation for your business needs. 

  • Fiber Cable installation 

Our fiber cable installation service provides you the finest solution where other networks shortfalls. We’re experts in planning, designing, and installing a wide range of networks comprising fiber to traditional copper networks. We provide end-to-end maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrading fiber cable solutions.  

EG Comm is effective with the local copper network, build a fiber network from scratch, or design custom-based solutions for your business needs with no capital costs. Let’s get started with the perfect fiber cable installation solution. 

  • IT Equipment Relocations 

Let our professionals take you out of stress with the finest IT equipment relocation. We keep you at the forefront and move your IT equipment safely and securely. Our reputation as the ideal office IT equipment relocator keeps getting bigger and better. We will take care of every aspect and move until you have moved in, setup all equipment, and get prepared in the new office with peace of mind.