Audio and Visual System 

  • HD Signal Distribution  

Most of the businesses dislike having visible wiring in their workplace and the majority of the TVs have at least two cables to provide input and power. EG Comm’s professional can mount ultra-flat TV in any location of your business and home without any additional boxes or cables. Our professionals can connect your content via HDMI, Fiber, or Coaxial cables.  

Get in touch with us to reduce wiring and watch HD and Ultra HD entertainment with peace of mind. 

  • Background music system  

Background music can be a great concept for all kinds of guests waiting and entertaining customers. EG comm is the perfect partner to engage your customers or guests when they’re waiting. Our finest background music systems can significantly contribute to engaging your customers and destressing the environment.  

Reach us out today and get your customer entertained with background music systems. 

  • Video Conference System   

EG comm’s video conference systems give your business the power to connect employees from home and collaborate effectively. Our variety of video conference solutions can help you to install a conference system with dynamic video and audio and web conferencing solutions. Get a smart solution to increase effectiveness, inform decision-making, and improve customer service whenever your employees work. 

  • Paging system 

The paging system is the finest solution for one-way communication to the largest audience. Regardless of the broadcast source, a one-way paging system is the best concept that facilitates the speaker to communicate with clarity and amplified instructions to the audience. Get the perfect experience of reliable mass communication and transfer your message to a large number of recipients more clearly.